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Abundance Private School Proprietress

Welcome to Abundance Private Schools where everyone is treated equally; encouraged and respected in a happy, caring and fun environment. We hope you find all of the information you are looking for and that our website gives you an insight into the life of our very exciting school.

APS is a bilingual school; a citadel of great discovery.

Our aim is to produce global citizens whose passage through our school would develop and hone their talents, establish a strong sense of self-esteem and have fun learning, as they enjoy their educational journey.

Our school is faith-based–– raising children of difference whose lives are replete with wisdom, Godly behavior and inspiration that is rooted in Christ Jesus.

Learning what matters to pupils keeps the love of learning burning bright in APS and an appreciation of one’s ability and place in the world!

Lots of individual attention in small classes makes it natural to know our students well.

In all, APS is interested in providing pupils with countless opportunities such as entrepreneurship and many skills modern educationist term as “executive function” –– the skills needed to nurture innovative, creative, diplomatic, social, and above all independent, self-aware people. This is process-led learning –– the myriad of learning opportunities presented by a journey in discovery, not always judged by the destination, or result.

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