The world, as they say, has become a global village. Urbanization, development, and innovations in the area of technology, travel boom, among others have brought about a paradigm shift in our world, where people from different walks of life are increasingly converging for one purpose or another. Due to these, a major consideration for parents searching for a good private primary/secondary school should be to find the best bi/multi-lingual primary and secondary school in Cotonou.

Bilingualism is the ability to speak two languages with ease, while multi-lingualism is the ability to use two or more languages for communication. As the world has now become even closer, the benefits of choosing the best bi/multi-lingual primary and secondary school in Cotonou follows your child into adulthood.

Its many benefits cut across every area of their adulthood, giving them an edge in business, career, and their overall relationship with others.

Misconceptions parents have about letting their kids learn a new language during early childhood

For a long time, parents have always had this wrong belief that learning more than one language during early childhood education causes slow language development in kids. However, this is not true.

If all the languages of the world are put together, it sums up to only 800 sounds, with each language using no more than around 40 language sounds. Research has shown that babies have an unusual ability to distinguish between these 800 language sounds when they are exposed to it from childhood.

 In fact, studies have shown that learning more than language helps kids develop higher I.Q, get better at problem-solving, and do better creatively. How much a school prioritizes language learning during a child’s nursery, primary and secondary section, should be a major yardstick for parents if they must choose the best bi/multi-lingual primary and secondary school in Cotonou.

Benefits of multi-lingual learning in early childhood education

·        More opportunities: Kids who are able to speak more than one language stand to gain from diverse opportunities in adulthood. These opportunities range from academic opportunities by way of scholarship in university, to business connections, career, and more.

·        Faster Cognitive development: As we have established above, various research has shown that kids who begin learning more than one language during their nursery and primary school years, improve their brain’s executive functions.

In her Ted Talk, child psychologist and educationist, Patricia Kuhl Noted that kids who learn multiple languages are better at problem-solving, concentration, and planning, have improved reading, writing, and verbal ability; and develop higher I.Q.

·        Boost self-confidence and self-esteem: A child who is able to express himself in the right language to people from diverse cultures, will have fewer reasons to feel intimidated because he can confidently interact in their language. Subsequently, the confidence of being able to interact with people from different cultures makes such a child to be accepted, which will further build his self-esteem.

Confident children, with a good dose of self-esteem, lead happier, more fulfilled lives as adults. You can also follow these tips to choose the best private primary school in Cotonou.

Raising a multi-lingual child: Your part to play as a parent

Having seen the many benefits, both now and in the future, of raising a multi-lingual child, ensuring that your child attends the best bi/multi-lingual primary and secondary school in Cotonou is a no-brainer. However, you still have a part to play.

·        The One-person-one language approach: If you and your partner speak a different language, each person should communicate with the child in a particular language always. Having established that learning multiple languages does not slow down kid learning ability, but rather helps to sharpen their cognitive function. You should have no worries about adopting the one-person-one language (OPOL) model.

·        Allow them to attend activities and mingle with other kids in the second language that they are learning. While parental guidance is advised in the kinds of kid activities and kids you let your children associate with, this will help them develop their language skills faster.

·        Be patient with them and encourage them: While this may sound obvious or cosmetic, it is pretty much powerful and needed to help see your child through the process of becoming bi/multi-lingual.

In conclusion:

The need to raise multi-lingual kids in this present day and age cannot be overemphasized. As clearly pointed out in this piece, becoming bilingual has many benefits for your kids, from childhood to adult life. While parents have a part to play in making it become a reality, the foundation still lies in ensuring you choose the best bi/multi-lingual primary and secondary school in Cotonou for your child.

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