Kids in primary and secondary school can and do experience stress due to school work, this can be the need to pass a test or the need to impress their parents at the end of the term. Sometimes, this also happens due to the fact that schools are unknowingly overloading pupils and students with too much of assignments and school work.

Understanding the nature of and impact of stress on young people

While stress in itself isn’t a bad thing. Infact, it can help bring out the best in your child’s academics. Mismanaged and prolonged episodes of stress are terrible and can lead to several mental health issues and other challenges.

According to MQ Mental Health Research, 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday, while 50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.

The mistake that most parents make is to dismiss these mental and emotional needs of their children as being inconsequential. For example, a child consistently complains of a teacher’s overreaching attitude and it gets dismissed as proof that the teacher is doing well without properly hearing such a child out.

In comparison, to an adult, the complaints of kids and young people may seem small; but to them, these are genuine reasons enough to cause them stress and other difficulties.

Sometimes the cause of stress in school for young people can go beyond their needs to get good grades. This can also be in areas such as dealing with bullies, getting along with friends, or finding balance with the pace or personality of their teachers.

Some signs of stress in kids

Signs of stress in kids and young people in primary and secondary school can show up in a number of ways: 

Seeing that school stress can lead to many harmful outcomes; Parents and other caregivers have an important part to play by sending their kids to a primary or secondary school in Cotonou that prioritizes school-life balance. You can follow these steps to choose the best private primary and secondary school in Cotonou

Ways parents can take action: 

While stress can help pupils and students perform better in school, prolonged stress can hurt your kids’ academics and health in many ways. While parents have a role to play, finding a primary or secondary school in Cotonou that prioritizes school-life balance is key.

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